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We are the UK's leading service & repair specialist for F1 & E-Gear actuators, for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati & Aston Martin. We take pride in everything we produce. Attention to detail, the quality of our goods and our care for those who use our products is paramount to our business!

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Actuator rebuilds are the core of our business, and we are continuously looking for new ways to improve these F1, E-Gear systems. The actuators, as with all our components, are not just a like for like rebuild, but are totally enhanced re-engineered units that have been vastly improved internally.

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For clear and precise operation of your cars E-Gear / F1 system, we here at ssautotech offer an unbeatable service and methodical diagnosis. Our mission is to keep your cars F1 / E-Gear system working as it should. Faultlessly. So you can enjoy your pride and joy as intended. Although these systems can be complex to work through, everything mechanical that brakes down, has a mechanical reason for braking down. We will find the reason behind the faults, and will be able to get you back on the road. We use only the best quality materials available, such as Norwegian tool steel, Nickel Bronze and Ti 6al4v, all commonly used within the aircraft industry, to give far superior strength over stock materials. We can offer upgraded enhanced parts across the F1, E-Gear system such as new pumps, sensor plates, end covers, Ti banjo bolts. All our componants are UK manufactured, using the finest quality materials, and OE sourced Magneti Marelli. We are also looking at offering stronger, lightweight hydraulic hoses, new sensors etc. We can make bespoke components per customer requirements. Please have a look at what we offer, and do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you would like made, repaired or modified. Thank You!


I first contacted Simon after I saw an invoice from an Aston Martin owner who had his ASM system rebuilt and tested by him. It clearly showed that these otherwise unrepairable units were in fact fully serviceable and indeed upgradable. Considering the work that he has put into re-engineering and improving some of the components and from my correspondences I've had with him, it’s obvious that this type of work is passion as well as business. All in all, a very knowledgeable and nice chap to deal with


Just to let you know, the actuator you rebuilt for me is fitted and been working beautifully! Thanks so much! Emblem sports cars haven't seen a rebuilt actuator work so well.

Adam Solis

Martin and Simon did a very good job on my GTC 4 Lusso Ferrari with the 4 wheel drive system and PTU. Highly recommend as they were very quick and was very reasonable with the costs.

Roza Okeh

As the owner of an original Aston Martin Vanquish (2001 – 2007) and a member of the AMOC forum, it was noted by members how expensive parts for the paddle shift manual transmission were, particularly the ASM actuator (c£9K!) Aston Martin would only replace items, not repair, so I tracked down Simon who has since carried out work on a couple of Vanquish’s, much to the owner’s satisfaction and for a fraction of the price quoted by the main dealer!

Mark Heyes


We have been repairing Magneti Marelli hydraulic actuators for Lamborghinis, Ferrari’s, Maserati’s and Aston Martin since 2010.

We started diagnosing and repairing Selespeed systems for Alfa Romeo, and as such gathered a vast knowledge and understanding of how these systems work, and what they’re Achilles heals are. The Alfa system is not the same, but the principle of operation is. One of the features we offered was a re-engineered actuator, which had a bronze bearing machined into the housing – something which is not standard with the cast aluminium housing. This considerably helped overcome wear issues that original actuators suffered.

In 2010, A Lamborghini main dealer from North America contacted us to help with failing E-Gear systems. We took delivery of an actuator, and set out to find what the problems were, and what solutions we could provide. This took some time to figure out, but thorough examination and inspection of all components proved our theory. We have since re-designed the internals - as such they are fitted with new uprated selector shafts and bearings, as well as some uprated hydraulic seal sections, to vastly improve performance of these units!

We supplied a number of these repaired actuators, and overall performance was perfect. However, we did have a glitch with machining some of the new components and had to pull the plug until this was ironed out…. Due to the high accuracy and amount of processes required to achieve the specification we require, most machining companies just could not deliver. We have since worked very closely over the last few years with some very excellent engineering companies, and we now guarantee perfection with these parts!

We have also redesigned the expensive F1 / E-Gear pump units, and can provide brand new OEM equipment pumps at affordable prices! These units are identical to factory branded units, but as we were able to CNC machine new housings at affordable prices, we can offer these at great savings to you!

Simon Stojsavljevic

As the master technician here, I have a very sound engineering background, which started with an apprenticeship with the Royal Engineers. Time served, with over 6 years spent rebuilding, overhauling and testing hydraulic systems used across a wide range of applications. My specialised field was overhauling gearboxes, hydraulic control valves, pumps, PRV’s etc.

Simon Stojsavljevic Director

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